New Name for the Site

To more accurately reflect my career, I have changed the name of the site.
Update: I'm not changing the URL, so don't change your bookmarks!

My Life as a Marine Pilot NFO

When I started this site, I was still too out of shape to even get into OCS, but I had a plan to use this site to track my progress. Speaking with my OSO, I took steps down the road towards a pilot contract. That was when this site began, which I titled "My Life as a Marine Pilot." However, since I ended up with an NFO contract, it is no longer appropriate to use that title; "My Life in Marine Aviation" is a more correct title, and it still fits nicely at the top of the site.

In conjunction with this, I will switch to a new URL. The new URL will be:

For a short time, the URL will remain the same so that those who are subscribed will have time to see the change. Please make ready for that change. (And while those designated Naval Aviator by MOS may cry foul, they don't have a monopoly on the generic, and still applicable, term, "aviator.")

I've decided not to change the URL. It's a lot of work, will break some things on my site (because I failed to use best practices when building my site, and because I used the simplistic Blogger service instead of more advanced services), and it really isn't that big of a deal. So I'm leaving it as-is.


  1. This is really great Caleb. I appreciate the openness in your identity. I have just started my own blog and wasn't sure if I should use a pen name. Seeing this site encourages me to be open and own up to the things I write about.

  2. Ooh rah Devil Dog...glad to read the tales. I graduated A-1989 and my son is about to start A-2015...Good stuff! Best of luck. Fair winds and following seas!
    (former) Capt Motz

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  4. The name change is a good idea, visitors will instantly recognize what the blog is all about


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