Training Events 1

First Three Events of Seven that are focused on weeks 1-3. Week ONE ...and counting!



The Calm before the Storm (and Caleb's Mailing Address)

It's starting

So you're sitting around talking with the other candidates, been here about four hours already, and suddenly, finally, the Marines supposed to pick us up are here.

It's amazing how quickly the calm with which you've been waiting vanishes. Your heart rate rises, your face feels hot, and you're rushing to find your go-fasters as they instructed.

Still lots of waiting to do, but we lose our phones soon.

This is it.


Caleb's Preparations

Caleb spent the day taking care of business after he met up with a friend in Warsaw for lunch. Now, at 22:06, he is reviewing all the documents presenting things he must master in order to be an officer in the USMC. He has reviewed the General Orders, which he had already mastered. He has been working on OSMEAC, an acronym outlining the basic "five paragraph order." This is the standard form that must be used when a Marine officer writes up orders for his subordinates. The USMC has developed the process into an exact science. Everyone know exactly what is required in the orders and everyone follows the format exactly. Caleb has now mastered the form and the process. He should be in good shape when the subject is covered at OCS.

We have finalized plans for storing his car and our schedule in Indy on Saturday as he prepares to ship out to Quantico on Sunday. Everything seems to be under control. He has one more night at home.

Carolyn and I have taken note that after he leaves we will truly have an empty nest. Previously, when he left we knew he would return. Off to camp, off to college, off to work in Warsaw. He will not be coming back in the same way as in the past. This is not going off to college. This is going out into the world. Now, he is launching his career.


Packing for OCS

Here is a look at what I've packed for OCS, including required gear and other optional—but recommended—gear. This will apply specifically to male OCC candidates attending a winter course, but other candidates should find it helpful, too.

Introducing a Guest Blogger

This is my first attempt to manage this blog for Caleb.


Communicating With Me at OCS

Here is some information about how to communicate with me while I'm at OCS.