Step 1 - check.

Today is the 7th day since I underwent PRK to correct my vision. I had the 1-week follow-up meeting yesterday, and this is what I learned.

The top 2 layers of my cornea, which were scraped off during the procedure, have healed fully. The inner layers of the cornea, which were affected by the laser, may take several more weeks to fully heal, but they are looking good so far. With neither eye was I able to read from the 20/20 line, but when using both eyes together, I could read about 3/5 of the 20/20 line's letters. I'm OK to drive. As the rest of my cornea heals, my vision, which is still a bit blurry, should clear up the rest of the way.

If I had to describe the way my eyes feel and the way that I am seeing, I would say that it seems like my contacts aren't quite sitting right. If I was still wearing lenses, I would consider taking them out for a while. Alas, this is not an option for me; I can't wait until my eyes clear up the rest of the way, but I am so glad that I don't have to "take my eyes out" every night any more!

I still need to schedule another follow-up not sooner than 4 weeks from now. Since that starts to move in on Graduation territory, I suggested to my parents that they seek to extend their hotel reservation in Terre Haute by a night so that we may simply head back to Fort Wayne on Monday, stopping in Indianapolis for the appointment on the way through. I was informed that this appointment should be at least 4 weeks from now, but could be moved back to fit with my schedule, so there is some flexibility there. Also, my eyes will be dilated, so I can't just drive myself down for it. Regardless of those details, we'll figure out a way to get there, and hopefully my eyes will be even better by then!

Caleb, out.