Step 1: Fixing my Eyes

Some may argue that this isn't the first step since I started actively pursuing this during summer 2008. I agree with those some, but remember, I'm a Computer Science major, which means I use a 0-based counting system. Thus, "Step 0" was to contact the Marines and begin making plans to get this show on the road, or in the air, as the case may be. (Refer to my MySpace blog for more of the info on the background/Step 0.)

My natural, uncorrected eyesight is nowhere near to good enough to fly. Before I can pass the flight physical to get into the program, I must be six months post-op from eye surgery. In order to make that happen as soon as possible, I have to get the surgery as soon as possible. So I have scheduled PRK for both eyes on April 21 at Whitson Vision in Indianapolis, IN.

My parents have been gracious enough to pay for the $4,200 procedure up front, allowing me to pay them back over time without interest. I'm going to make payments as I can, and whatever balance I still owe them, if any, will be squared away when I receive my commission bonus.

Caleb, out.