Primary - Contact Phase

Before moving to the back seat, Student Naval Flight Officers (SNFOs) experience a handful of flights at the primary controls during the Contact Phase of Primary Flight Training. This post discusses the Contact Phase, follow-on training, and my progress so far.

UPDATE 20140210:
a) Purpose of Contact Phase is not "Pilot Appreciation."
b) T-39s are not flown as a part of Advanced in VT-86.


Aviation Preflight Indoctrination

API is generally broken down into two phases: academics and "fun." I am done with the academics, so here's a report on that, plus a little about what's still to come in the next two weeks. Also, advice for students getting ready to start API.


IFS Complete

I completed Introductory Flight Screening, earned my Gray Belt, and got to take leave to spend time with Robin.


Introductory Flight Screening

Quick report on my first step in flight school, Introductory Flight Screening (IFS). What is it? How's my progress? And how can students succeed in it?